Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have your say- Regional Planning via The Grand Vision

I won't reinvent the wheel here, but rather quote the email reminder I recieved today from Jim Dulzo of the Michigan Land Use Institute regarding the Grand Vision regional planning workshop to be held tomorrow at Crystal Mountain Resort.

"Dear friend,
Well, tomorrow night’s a big one for Benzie. It’s our turn for
The Grand Vision—a big, communitywide collaboration on how we want our county and the region to grow over the coming decades.
The county workshops have been marvelously successfully—so far, they’ve attracted about 2,000 participants—a truly amazing turnout.
The workshops are free, fun, freewheeling, powered by complimentary light foods and beverages, and very neighborly.
Groups of people gather around big tables with county maps and figure out together how they want their community to grow, what they want to protect, and how they see roads and other transportation services evolving. All of that opinionating leads to quite a thing in September: the Grand Vision Decision—a big public rollout of three or four different "future scenarios," all well illustrated and explained, for folks to inspect and select.
So it’s last call for you and your friends to register; just click
here and sign up for tomorrow night’s 6:30 p.m. workshop at Crystal Mountain. Or call 866-441-5214. Registration is not strictly required, but it helps The Grand Vision team make sure there are enough tables, maps, and refreshments. Two hundred people showed up each evening in Leelanau and Kalkaska, so be prepared to bump into friends!
If you want to save a few dollars on gas, Benzie Bus is offering pre-registered service from many town centers. It’s just four bucks roundtrip from Lake Ann, Honor, Benzonia, Frankfort/Elberta, and Thompsonville, but reservations are necessary, at 231-325-3000.
Please forward this to your friends and encourage them to go, too. And if you are not on the Michigan Land Use Institute’s Benzie blast list and would like to be, just send an email to
benzie@mlui.org with the word "subscribe" w/o the quotes in the subject line, and we'll add you to our mailings. Thanks for clicking in on us, and we hope to see you tomorrow night!
Jim Dulzo

Managing Editor
Michigan Land Use Institute

Glenn Puit’s enjoyable video about the March regional transportation workshop will give you a real feel for tomorrow night. It’s right here if you’d like to check it out!"

This is a great initiative to look at the future of our region and think about how we're going to handle growth effectively.

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