Thursday, May 22, 2008

Customers and friends

I closed yesterday on the sale of a house. I represented the buyers, a young couple who are friends of mine. The wonderful thing about this business is... I didn't even know them six months ago. We got to know each other as they planned their relocation to the area and we looked at homes together. I'm really pleased to have them as part of our community, and expect we'll continue to see a lot of each other. I'd gotten used to showing them properties quite regularly, to researching answers to their questions, and to Michaels "right on" when I explained something in a way that made sense to him, so it seemed strange when we went over a week without seeing each other.

As we sat down for closing, their twin daughters and toddler son took to coloring on the floor. Before we wrapped up, I had drawings from both girls, which I made sure were autographed. Both of them included a lake and me in the photos, so obviously they knew where my mind was headed with Memorial Day weekend coming, and with it the start of summer.

What's the real point here? Only that this job has rewards far beyond the commission. If it didn't, it wouldn't be worth doing for me. Sometimes it's helping someone realize a dream. Sometimes it's helping the local economy by finding a site for a new business. Sometimes it's helping someone out of a tough spot.

Sometimes it's just the memories, the stories, the lessons, the laughs. The best times though are when customers become friends.

Here are Jocelyn and Jaiden's pictures they drew for me. Thanks girls!