Monday, March 16, 2009

Is that Irony? It's at least funny.

Over the weekend I received notice of a new comment on a post I made a while back, titled "Twitter and Pickup Lines".  This post was inspired by someone who started pitching me on a home based business before we'd even exchanged pleasantries.  Basically, it says... don't blindly pitch- that's not what SM is about.

So here's the comment:
jeromine said...

Hi nice Blog.Mona Vie Juice products featuring an exclusive acai berry juice blend Home Based Business opportunity.

I hope this was an automated comment.  If not, the person certainly did not read the post.

Thanks for the laugh, jeromine!


Terrapin Flyer said...

Oh could I have fun with this!

C'mon Matt drink the kool aid, er I mean juice......


Matt said...


Way to "squeeze" every last bit of humor out of that post!