Tuesday, April 29, 2008

HGTV's 25 Real Estate Blunders

I was doing a little channel surfing the other night, and "25 Real Estate Blunders" caught my eye. When I clicked over to HGTV to watch it, I was impressed. HGTV did a nice job of being constructive. Among my favorites:

#24- Not providing easy access for showings- This is way frustrating for an agent. Especially if showings are scarce to start with.

#19- Treating real estate like the stock market: Boy, we all should have learned this lesson by now... but some haven't. Real estate is, by nature, a long term investment.

#14 Choosing the wrong agent: This really is a relationship, and we're going to be working together on something that I think is really important to you. You want to be comfortable with your agent, and build mutual trust and respect. Besides, do you want to ride around in a car and tour houses with someone you don't like?

#13- What, you're suprised?

#11- Not setting a realistic budget. Bingo. Don't spend it all! Save is a four letter word, but it's OK to do it... Really!

Here's a link to 25 Real Estate Blunders on HGTV's website. I'd like to hear which ones are your favorites.

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